Be a founder of the new wave and claim your key to the metaverse.

The Founder Key is the ultimate NFT for every gamer - unlock the full potential of the metaverse through game integrations now and forever. Receive exclusive access to platforms, marketplaces, merchandise, events, and game NFTs in an endless catalog of games.

founder key

become a founder

This NFT features innovation and uncapped value to gamers through an incredible lineup of use cases and integrations to the best games web3 has to offer. With ever-expanding value, airdrops, and access to different games and platforms, the utility of this key is unlimited.

Supply: 0/1000Whitelist: 0.15ETHPublic: 0.20ETH


Featured Utility

Juice Tokens

Collect juice tokens to redeem in the marketplace for premium NFTs from a huge library of games.


Get exclusive access to our private marketplace and use juice tokens to make your claim on a wide variety of premium NFTs.

NFT Airdrops

Receive free claim to exclusive NFT skins, loot boxes, weapons, characters, emotes and much more from partnered games and platforms.

Partner Whitelists

Access to future mints, drops and events curated by partnered games and platforms.

Game Early Access

Never get left out again! Gain access to alpha, beta and game access codes for existing and future partnered games.

Exclusive Merch Airdrops

Wear exclusivity - receive free merch available only to Founder Key holders.

Role + Private Channel

Unlock a special Discord role, make new friends, play games and discuss alpha with fellow web3 gamers.

Shop Discount

Slash the prices at 10% off the juiciest wearables and merch.

Product Early Access

Be the first to purchase physical wearables and merch curated by us and in collaboration with games, artists and platforms.

Badges and Achievements

Collect soulbound badge NFTs and achievement rewards.

Unlocked Alpha Content

Access the most valuable content and alpha web3 has to offer around web3 gaming.

Event Access

Attend exclusive virtual and irl events brought to you by The Juice Team, partners and friends.